Beijing Wushu

This article  was written for the programme in 2002

After years of studying and living in Britain, I have observed that British people are keen on knowing more about China, an enormous country with five thousand years history, with the one fifth of the world population, its economy developing at an amazing speed during the last two decades.

With the outstanding success of the Shaolin Monks’ “Wheel of Life” tours and the global impact of films such as “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, the West has received more  the influence of Far Eastern culture and as a result more positive interaction between East and West is now being explored.

‘Wushu’ means the art of fighting and is the Chinese term for all martial arts. This Wushu show will demonstrate over 40 varieties of modern Chinese martial arts, such as ‘Fanzi’ boxing, Taiji, Mantis, Baji, Eagle’s claw, Drunken style and many weaponry sparring between swords, spears, whip and dagger, etc. These performers are all champions in their specialities in national youth Wushu competitions. I believe the richest content and the highest skills in this martial arts show will give you a unique and fascinating evening.

My team and I wish to welcome you to this premiere event, and thank you for joining us. Art has no borders. The exchange of arts and culture is the best way to bridge the gaps and promote appreciation and love between nations.

18 Wushu players from Beijing, under Master Wu Bin’s instruction came to the UK, led by top coach Mr Su Changlai, cooperated with Southampton Wutan Wushu School, perform in theatre venues arranged by MsL, across  14 cities in the UK includes Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Blackpool, Southampton, Nottingham, Aberystwyth…The show demonstrates over 40 varieties of Chinese martial arts skills and fights.

The list of routines includes: Fanzi, Long Quan, Drunken Style,Mantis, Baji, Eagle Claw, Arbat, Floor skill, Southern Style, Eight Trigrams, Palm, Sparring Sword, Broadsword, Spear against Cudgel, Whip, Long handled Broadsword, long Ear Sword, Dagger, Double Sword against Empty hands… and all modern Tai Chi forms and push hands.


Press Release

Daily Post, North Wales

The Western Mail

The event is supported by or co-operated with the following organisations:

  • Beijing Wushu Research Institute (Beijing)
  • Tianjin University of Technology (Tianjin)
  • Wutan international (Southampton)
  • ELWa (Wales)
  • Duncan Foulkes Public Relations (Mid Wales)
  • Thomas Graham Solicitors (Cardiff )
  • Chinese Arts Association (Manchester)
  • CMBAT magazine (Birmingham)
  • London University Sports Department (London)
  • Michael Lee Martial Arts club (Leeds)
  • Neil Adawy Martial Arts group ( Reading)
  • Rhyl pavilion ( Rhyl )
  • Leisure Parcs (Blackpool)
  • Aberystwyth Arts Centre ( Aberystwyth)
  • Xenia Holstein Karate club ( Aberystwyth)
  • ITV News team of Wales
  • Daily Post ( North Wales)
  • Western Mail ( Cardiff)
  • Argus (Newport )