Za Ji Welcome Address

Written for Za Ji Spectacular programme  in 2003

Dear guests and Friends,

Za-Ji literally means a ‘variety of feats’; Za-Ji is something quite different from a circus.

In China a circus is performed in a tent in the street for ordinary people to watch and enjoy.
The actors are amateur’s who as well as performing are responsible for the management of the group and related sideshows. They live on the income obtained from the crowd at their performance. The circus is designed to be a humorous take on life. It normally features animals and clowns.

Za-Ji, which can be translated in this context as acrobats presents a very high level of performing arts skill;demonstrating astonishing feats. Za-Ji is normally performed on the stage and is accompanied by musical and visual effects. In days past, actors were owned and paid for by aristocrats and wealthy people. Nowadays Za-Ji troupes are run and funded by the Chinese government. Za-Ji has always been performed with extreme physical vitality. It has roots which go back deep into Chinese tradition and culture.

The Anhui Acrobatic troupe has been dedicated to performing on both the Chinese and the international stage for the last fifty years. Anhui has become a leading player in Chinese acrobatics and in Chinese international cultural exchanges. Anhui has won a swathe of medals, for routines such as Ladies  and their Chairs, The Jumping Board, and The Bicycle – Stabilising feat, amongst others.

China, a vast country with five thousand years of history, possessing many rich cultural and artistic forms. It is keen to share them with the world. With the outstanding success of China’s economy, Chinese performing arts are now reaching new heights outside of China too.

The west is receiving more and more input from Eastern culture, and as a result a more positive interaction between East and West is now being explored.

The MsL company is proud to bring this spectacular show to you from China. We thank you for joining us. Art has no borders. Exchanging art and culture is the best way to bring countries together, and to promote appreciation and friendship between nations. we would like to see the day when their is no War between nations.

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