MsL表演交流中心于2001年建立于英国威尔士, 2004年后搬迁到英国伦敦. 刘莉女士主办. MsL立志于向西方介绍中国的各种表演艺术, 协助中国剧场节目与西方剧场结轨, 也力所能及地向中国公民介绍精美的英国舞台创作和剧场文化.

刘莉女士毕业于上海华东师范大学心理学系。在青少年期间,她是一个表演艺术的积极参与者。 在表演,舞蹈和编导方面都有很多经验。1995年,她移居英国,并取得了在曼彻斯特索福德大学商业信息系统的硕士学位。继续抱持对舞台浓厚的兴趣, 深入研究中西方舞台表演的差异。她被精致的伦敦舞台造诣深深吸引, 少年时那多才多艺的天赋禁不住流溢出来. 积极投入到舞台操作和管理的学习中去. 曾先后在英国皇家戏剧学院进修舞台道具制作, 北伦敦山景大学舞台系进修舞台灯光音响, 伦敦音乐戏剧艺术学院进修舞台管理.

迁移到伦敦后, 与当地中国表演艺术协会和武术协会作了大量的合作项目,建立了英国中国文化宣传联网,组织节目表演等活动。

在未来,刘莉女士希望继续发展艺术商业化道路,帮助中国文化企业建立与西方接轨的运作程序,操作方式。 在向西方介绍中国文化的同时, 也将对中国的观众引见西方的表演技术和突出技巧.

Following a BSc in Psychology from Shanghai and a Masters in Business Information Systems from Salford University, Liu Li set her mind to follow her childhood passion for the theatre and embark upon a career journey as a theatre arts exchange ambassador. Courses in Stage Management, Stage Sound & Lighting, Technical Theatre & Prop Making at RADA and LAMDA provided the essential foundations for the ongoing projects Ms-L launched and managed one after another.

Liu Li herself was a Chinese martial arts practitioner in her childhood. She sees that many Chinese martial arts forms are beautiful and elegant, which are perfect for stage performance, such as Wushu, Taichi and Shaolin Fist. Ms-L started many projects through cooperation with major Shaolin schools and Tai-chi communities in the UK, introducing the wonderful Beijing Wushu demonstration which staged in 14 cities in the UK.  Ms-L then worked with the British brand Seni Expo at London Excel, launched and managed the London Wushu Open tournaments for 4 years, and invited top coaches from China to run quality Wushu & Tai-chi seminars, and gathered British Chinese martial artists to present their performances on stage. 

Za-ji in Chinese means ‘acrobatic stunts’.  This is another theme of Chinese performing art speciality. Ms-L brought in the Anhui provincial level troupe to tour their extraordinary Za-ji Spectacular show, that marked Ms-L on 23 city theatre boards. The show also had a two weeks’ run in a West End venue, many critics’ articles about the show have appeared in national papers.

Chinese New Year Concerts played with Chinese classical traditional instruments: Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa, Dizi, etc. by renowned musicians Dong qiu-ming, Zhu xing-meng, etc. were commented as a real treat for the ears. These Chinese golden melodies touched audiences hearts. 

From music ensembles, acrobatic displays to Wushu competitions, every event required overall organisation and detailed daily management.  Refining a show’s production, signing venues’ contracts,  producing adverts, assisting marketing, scheduling artists’ travel and accommodation, and stage managing each show,  overcoming difficulties and handling the unexpected,  all of these tasks required thorough attention to detail —-this was given, and all the runs were successfully followed through.

A favourite quote comes from Julius Green, one of the UK’s most prolific theatre producer. He once quoted Oscar Hammerstein II ‘s words about what a theatre producer is: ‘ a rare, paradoxical genius, …, an idealist, a realist, a practical dreamer, a sophisticated gambler, a stage-struck child.”