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Performing Arts

China possesses the richest art forms in the world, some dating back to 3,000 BC. The country is made of Han people together with 55 other ethnic groups, each of which has its own distinctive dance and act. There are more than 80 kinds of musical instruments that are little known by the West and more than 300 forms of traditional regional opera, Peking opera being just one.  


China’s blossoming film industry is now gaining greater appreciation outside East Asia. Fed with a constant diet screen gun battles, car chases and sexual candour in the West, the recent film House of flying daggers made a refreshing change with its extraordinary beauty and Eastern sensuality.

Another art form, ballet, was first introduced to China from Russia only 50 years ago. Today, Chinese ballet is reaching maturity, as is evidenced by many international prizes. Za-Ji, which translates to English as acrobatics, is a product of ancient China. It has been playing a major role in establishing cultural and performing arts exchanges for last 50 years and Za-Ji performances have now reached more than 100 countries. Wushu, Kung Fu or Chinese martial arts are Chinese specialities, with Western enthusiasts travelling to China to learn from the masters. Today, Wushu, with many styles and forms, is now widely practised in Asia, Europe and America. Tai Chi or Tai Ji is a major division of Wushu, providing a practical exercise for people of all ages. As living standards improve, there is a growing desire to practice Tai Chi to promote health, well being and longevity. There are still more to mention in term of international reputation, such as Lion Dance, Chi-Gong, Long Sleeve Dance and Waist Drum, etc. All in all, China has so much to offer to the world, as China opens wider and wider toward the outside world, culture and arts exchange increases rapidly year by year. Ms-L gives full play to its Anglo-Sino connections and its professional knowledge in the field of performing arts exchange.


Latest Show Updates:

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Lang Lang coming to the UK this year

Lang Lang*  China’s piano prodigy is coming to the Uk later this year. Currently he only has two dates set so it looks like you will have to book early if you don’t want to be disappointed. Lang Lang Royal Albert hall  : Friday 15 November - Sunday 17 November 2013...