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Please Tick Your Preferred Categories.   The 2005 IWUF ruleset will be used for judging this competition and  No difficulty (nandu) required.  A competitor can enter up to 3 categories in Wushu and up to 2 categories in Taiji; £12 for each category, £8 for the under 12. The closing date for the registration is 20th May.


 Contemporary Fists Changquan

(Long boxing)


(Southern Fist)

Contemporary Weapon Short Weapon Long Weapon


Traditional Fists Shaolin style , specify


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Traditional Weapon Shaolin style, specify


 Other weapon, specify
Tai Ji Quan Compulsory , specify


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Tai Ji Weapon Compulsory , specify


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For all Junior competitors under 12 years, Parent or a suitable Guardian signature is required.



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  1. By post: send to Liu Li, 69 Holly Lodge Mansions; Camden, London N6 6DS; the cheque payable to MsL Company;
  1. By email, send to  and bank transfer your payment to MsL Company, MsL Company, Sort Code:404039; Account number 31631152; Do not forget to give your name as reference.