Kyra Somerfield

(from Swansea Grand theatre ) 
Many Western Europeans will never have experienced the live performance of Chinese Classical Music at its very best.  Others who have visited the country or watched from afar the Beijing Olympic Games will have already fallen in love with its beauty and character.
The vivid quality of tone together with a  portrayal of every human emotion, the colours of the natural world and mimicry of birds and animals.  All are displayed through the skills of these five expert musicians. Their abilities, charm and faultless interpretation of the music shine throughout the performance – played for you on instruments most will only have seen featured before in the patterns of silks and porcelain!
Give yourself the delight of a “Visit to The Orient”, in the magical company of these virtuoso performers as they conduct you through an enchanting programme which features musical compositions – historic and modern.
This is an opportunity too good to be missed.