opium for destroying bodies, and the proudly invented printing and paper in this country were carrying humiliating international treaties against her after the first world war.

Nowadays, China is a very safe country to travel, observed from her history, she is very much self-content and rarely conducts wars far from her borders. No gun crime, no easy access to drugs, murder will be punished by the death penalty; traditional culture promotes faithful love more than sexual indulgence; mainstream philosophy encourages the care for others over ourselves, constrain our anger and tolerate others’ aggression to the maximum degree, although it is hard to change one’s aggressive perception who sees everything as a potential threat.

China possesses a variety of contrasting landscapes from towering mountains to mighty rivers, sophisticated modern cities to primitive timeless villages, we can offer you a unique holiday experience by involving you with some cultural activities. For Chinese martial arts fans, our trips not only take you to see those famous martial arts birth places: Shaolin Temple, Chen Village, Emei Mountain and Wutan Mountain, but also let you join their training. These trips are also packed with fun activities, such as practising calligraphy, trying Chinese music instruments, doing cooking, learning dancing, visiting theatres and art schools, etc

Apart from rich culture and arts, China produces many international athletes and was in second place to the USA on the Olympic Gold Medal Table in 2004. Besides Martial arts and Taiji, she is in a position to provide top world class training for table tennis, badminton, volleyball, diving, shooting, weightlifting, wrestling, judo and gymnastics. Let us know what you want from your visit.

Hundreds of British customers have taken our trips or training schemes. The feedback is overwhelming. I have quoted some on the following page and also leave their contacts there for you.

Ms-L support SCIC Culture Agency, which is set up to achieve British standard services in the tourism industry. It runs the service dynamically and efficiently, offers a good range of comprehensive packages to suit many needs with very competitive prices. If you are thinking about visiting China with your friends, families or your school, please do take advantage of our good value services.


Example of Standard Itinerary for Marital Arts Main Trip -15 Days
Visiting Places: Beijing – Shaolin Temple – Chen Tai Chi Village
Extension Trips To: Wudang Mountains / Terracotta Warriors

Day 1 UK / Beijing
The SCIC staff will pick you up from the airport , a briefing and orientation after a rest, there will be a welcome dinner in the evening
Day 2 Beijing
Sightseeing (Visit the Tianan Men Square and the Forbidden City in the morning, have a lunch in the local restaurant. Then travel by rickshaw to Hutong, Gongwangfu.. A banquet of the empirical food in Fangshan restaurant in Beihai Park .
Day 3 Beijing
Taiji Session (1) takes place between 9:30 to 10:30am, then Visit the Temple of Heaven. Lunch at Daijiacun restaurant. Shopping in the Antique & Silk Market. A Hotpot for dinner and watch the Peking Opera in the evening.

Day 4 Beijing
Taiji Session (2) takes place between 9:30 to 10:30am, visit the Ming Tombs afterwards, lunch in Dayi restaurant, Visit the Great Wall in the afternoon. Peking Duck Banquet is followed by the workshop of Chinese Stone Seals & Chops from 8 to 9pm.
Day 5 Beijing
Taiji Sessions (3) from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning, Lunch at a local restaurant. Culture & Arts workshops in the afternoon: 1. Chinese Medicine 1:30pm -3:00pm, 2. Chinese Music & Instrument 3:20pm-4: 20pm 3. Chinese Calligraphy and Painting 4:30 – 6:30pm. Dinner at TianwaiTian restaurant.

Day 6 Beijing
Check out the hotel around 11am in the morning. Then trip to the Silk Factory. Have a lunch there, then boating in the Kunming Lake of the Summer Palace, dinner in Huadu hotel, watch Acrobatic Show in the evening. Take the overnight train to Zhengzhou.

Day 7 Beijing / Zhengzhuo
Have breakfast in new hotel, a bus takes you to Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng County, Some workshops like the paper cutting , Majiang playing and Dumpling Making take place in the Shaolin International Hotel for the rest of the day.

Day 8 Zhengzhuo
Visit the Shaolin Temple and watch the Shaolin Kungfu Show, join Shaolin Kungfu training session (1) (Options: internal or external styles) from 3pm to 5pm in Shaolin Kungfu School, back to the hotel for dinner and night.

Day 9 Dengfeng / Luoyang
The Shaolin Kungfu Training Session (2) from 9am to 11am in the Shaolin Kung Fu School, visit the Longmen Grotto in the afternoon.

Day 10 Luoyang + Wenxian / Zhengzhou
Trip to Chen Tai Chi Village, the Cheng Family Memorial Temple and have a Chen Taiji session at the Village in the afternoon. Take the bus back to Guanhua Hotel in Zhengzhou.

Day 11 Zhengzhou / Beijing
Free time in the morning, check out at 11am. After lunch, visit the Henan Museum, watch a Taiji Demonstration, then a short training session with Henan Professional Team. Then take the night train back to Beijing.

Day 12 Beijing
Have breakfast in Hotel in Beijing, free activities, Lunch and Dinner are not provided.
Day 13 Beijing
Free time . It is optional to be taken to the Hong Qiao shopping Market in the afternoon. Lunch and Dinner are not provided.
Day 14 Beijing
Free time in the morning. Lunch is not provided. Farewell Dinner with Xingjiang Restaurant, the Certificate Presentation in the evening.

Day 15 Beijing
Transfer to Beijing Capital airport for your return flight. The trip is officially over.

How to Pay

The Trip booking (Application Form and Deposits) must be made 4 months before the trip starts. Deposit: GBP £ 250 / EUR €300 / USD$400. The preferred method of payment is cheque. The registration form can be posted you or downloaded from: www.ms-L.co.uk/ex_3.htm; In the registration form, you will be asked to choose dates, places etc . Your registration form together with a cheque payable to Ms-L, shall be sent to: 42 Patten House, Green Lanes, London N4 2NY

A formal confirmation of your booking will be sent to you after we receive d your registration form and deposit. The deposit can not normally be refunded. The balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to your departure. Any modification or abandonment of the travel arrangement by you after departure will not be accepted.


Most programs do not include airfares. After confirmation of your booking, you can book your flights yourself. Sometimes we have to book flights for you, in which case we will let you know. Here gives some contacts for booking air tickets:

1. China Travel Shop in London Tel: 020 74396688 www.chinesetravelshop.com

2. Omega Travel Tel: 019082259988, 08700278888. www.omegatravel.ltd.uk

3. Expedia flights booking online www.expedia.co.uk

4. China Air Tel: 020 7744 0800, www.air-china.co.uk

5. British Airways Tel: 0870 850 9850, www.britishairways.com


Chinese visas can be easily applied for 3 months prior to the trip. This can be done by visiting the Visa Office or Chinese Embassy. We will provide all the information and documents for your visa application. General inquiry: 020-76311430 (2:00pm—4:00pm, Monday to Friday. The application form can be obtained from: www.chinese-embassy.org.uk

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