About Tai Ji instructor Zheng Wen-peng

  • Tai Chi National Champion in National Tai Chi Championship 2002

  • Winner of Tai Chi form 42 in the National Collegiate Wushu Championship in 2004

  • Winner of Swordplay of youth group in Qingdao International Wushu Tournament in 1999

  • Winner of Spearplay in Shandong Provincial Wushu Competition in 1996

  • Winner of Swordplay in Qingdao City Wushu Completion in 1995

Wen-peng was born in Qingdao, Shangdong province. His name ‘Wen’ means intellectual and ‘peng’ means ‘a roc’s flight of 10,000 miles’. He began to practise Wushu at the age of six and by the age of 10 his talent was recognised by ex-Venerable Abbot Su-Rong Shi of Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Wushu, who introduced him as an apprentice to the current Abbot, Suxin Shi. Wen-peng was given the name ‘De’ to be listed into the Shaolin family tree as one of the 31st generation of Shaolin followers. ‘De’ literately means ‘high moral standard’, supplementing his original name ‘Wen (intellectual)’, which taught him that a great achiever needs both ability and integrity. During his Shaolin Temple Apprenticeship, he was trained in a range of Shaolin forms and was honoured to be selected to perform at the Shaolin Temple Foundation’s 1500th anniversary ceremony in 1995.

In 1995, Wen-peng was invited to join Qingdao City Wushu Association, became a close student of Chairman Zhou Tao and also received instruction from Wu Xiumen, a first rank international judge. He went on to win the swordplay and take third place in the long box at Qingdao City Championship.

In 1996, Wen-peng transferred to Shandong provincial Wushu team where he trained with Xu Quilin, the general instructor, together with recognised Wushu instructors.

Du Chunyang and Lu Guoqin. In the Shandong Province competition, he gained the first place in Wushu Spearplay and the fourth place in Wushu Swordplay.

In 1997, Wen-peng joined China’s police force Wushu team where he started to practise Tai Chi under the Tai Chi coach master Wang Zihua and the Tai Chi super star Zhang Shaoyi who won the all- round Tai Chi champion at Asia Sports Meeting in1990 (See the picture on the right). In the team, he was also a younger learner to the later Tai Chi World Champion 2000 Qu Huifang and the later Asia Tai Chi Champion 2004 Zhang Fang.

In 1998, Wen-peng gained second place in Wushu swordplay at Qingdao International Wushu Tournament.

In 1999, Wen-peng won the Wushu swordplay in Qingdao International Wushu Tournament.

In 2000, Wen-peng was invited to join Chinese People Liberation Army Wushu team based in Beijing where he was honoured with the sport title ‘NATIONAL FIRST CLASS FIGHTE’. He received the further Tai Chi training from Wu Bin and Yu Hongju, the army Wushu team general. Wu Bin is Chairman of the International Wushu Federation’s Technical Committee, President of Beijing Wushu Research Institute and the instructor of famous film star Jet Lee. Wen-peng was in the third of Tai Chi form 42 and the sixth place of Tai Chi swordplay in National Youth Wushu competition.
In 2001, Wen-peng was sent to study at Tianjin Technology University, withholding his military status. He continued practising in the university Wushu team under the instruction of Su Changlai, Wushu Professor and international judge, and Xu Caitong, national Wushu judge. He won many
trophies for the university team at collegiate Wushu competitions.