Cross Cultural Arts Projects


Whether you are a UK based Arts or cultural organisation seeking help in China or a Chinese group seeking to work in the UK, Ms-L has something valuable to offer .

We are happy to get involved at any stage 


We can help you design, plan and deliver Arts and culture based projects in either the UK or China. We offer Bilingual services and access to our contacts in the arts sector both in the UK and China. We have over 12 years experience helping a range of organsations and businesses operate successfully in the UK and Chinese marketplaces. With such a wealth of experience we can also help with travel logistics, Visas and official documentation: [CONTACT US].


Passionate about Collaboration

充满热情 合作

Liu Li with world renowned choreographer, Zhao Ming


About Us

Ms-L was conceived and formed by Liu Li with the aim of introducing all forms of Chinese performing arts to the West and to help take western Arts to China. 

We love to work with Artists from either  culture to help them realise their vision and make the transition East to West or West to East successfully. 

We have worked with Theatre groups, Circus troupes and Martial artists from both East and West although we are happy to work with artists of any type. 

Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us






From multi city theatre tours in China , to martial arts and cultural trips, Ms-L has a great deal of experience arranging  and delivering  cultural or targeted business trips to China.

We also have  several succesful tours of UK cites and theatres  for Chinese Theatre , performers and martial arts troupes under our belt.

We want you to benefit from what we have learned and are commited to making sure your trip, event, show  or tour goes smoothly.


A Short History












Martial Arts and Circus

We Started out bringing  elite martial arts performers to the UK to put on shows and make contact with Uk martial arts schools and masters. We followed this up by bringing  acrobatic chinese Circus masters to the UK for a national tour. We founded and ran the UK’s first Wushu open which became a recurring event.   We have arranged for severeal tours to China by Uk martial artists(predominatly tai chi practitoners) and Wushu students.

International Tours

We have since expanded our scope to put on several high profile events such as the UK embroidery girl tour and the highly regardded  Shakespeare in China tour.

Theatre & Music

We went on to develop relationships with other high profile Chinese performers and help the astounding  Acrobatic Swan lake come to the uk. In addtion we hosted several Chinese Musical concert tours and one-off performances.


经常问的问题 FAQ

Answers to some of the more Frequently Asked Questions we Recieve.

What can a Performing Arts Exchange offer me? In a nutshell we offer multilingual and multicultural expertise in the performing arts sphere. We can contact venues, help with adaption and smooth out logistics in either the UK or China as required.






Can you help with Visas and travel Documents?

We have a great deal of experience with this on both the Chinese and UK side, over a number of years. we are happy to help you get this right. 

Are you able to accompany us ?

Ms-L is able to provide personal assitance both in China and the Uk to help make sure things run smoothly. 

Is Ms-L a Charity ?

We are not a registered charity. To us this performing arts exchange  is a passion but it is also a business. We pride ourselves on providing great value for money and we can often help in negotiating the funding process for worthwhile projects,  but we do at least need to cover our costs.

What Our Clients Say


Liu Li did an amazing job organising and running the Wushu Open. She was reponsible for everything from creating and running the inaugral event to helping insure the event ran smoothly and that competiors and audience members had an amazing time. 

– David Chow


Liu Li is like a super woman, She did a terrifc job organising our entire tour. She helped us sort out our visas and get our tour booked in UK venues. She arranged not only our venues and performace fees but even sorted out our accomodation and cultural event tours while we were in the uk.  –

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