Jet Li’s coach Wu Bin (3rd from the right), Liu Li (4th from the right ) and the Wushu tour actors in 2002 李连杰的老师吴彬,刘莉和武术巡演队

2002年, 在吴彬教练, 苏长来教练的关照和支持下,Ms L 与英国武坛武术学院戴顺传教练,白素娟教练一道, 成功地把北京武术天津分队组织到英国分别在14个城市进行巡回演出, 让很多中国功夫爱好者第一次亲眼看到中国武术,他们这之前只在电影电视上看到中国功夫

Councillor Mrs Geraldine Carter ( 4th from the right ) meeting Liu Li ( 5th from the right ) and the Za Ji Troupe leaders 州长接见刘莉和杂技队领导

次年,Ms L 又把中国大型杂技搬上了英国舞台, 在英国23个城市和地区进行了为期一个多月的巡回演出, 并将中国杂技第一次搬上伦敦西区世界剧场, 在伦敦剧场界掀起一阵评论风波。

2008年,与伦敦当地少林学校联合,  Ms L 组织策划由中外功夫教练学生同台演出, 为促进中国文化传播建立了牢固的友谊网。

2010年,Ms L邀请了几名中国传统乐器演奏家,在五大城市两所音乐学校,举办中国音乐新年会,用优美的中国古典名曲打动了无数英国音乐爱好者。

 Top Wushu Show

In 2002, Ms-L invited one of the top Wushu teams—– Tianjin Wushu team to demonstrate their skills in 14 cities in Wales and England: Birmingham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Preston, Nottingham, Blackpool, Bristol, Leeds, Brighton, Newport, Brecon, Rhyl, and Aberystwyth.
The team was entirely made up of national youth champions while their senior instructor Wu Bin also coached the martial arts film star Jet Li. These youngsters showed off more the 40 types of fights, with and without weapons.

Za-Ji, Chinese Acrobatic Spectacular

Za-Ji “opens with a sequence that is more dance than daredevil and what follows takes a time to come to the boil. Languorous scene changes detract from the sequences of the show, which carried off with requisite smiling faces and moments of high camp” appreciate amounts of “ooh” and “ahhs” are emitted at the sight… the second half is more dangerous because suddenly the safety harnesses start appearing “( Oxford press)… The show is also accompanied by selected music and backdrop scenes of beautiful China sights. The 35 strong acrobats impressed 20 cities” audience across England and Wales with their awesome skills and their world winning routines: Ladies and Their Chairs; Jumping Stunts, Rolling Cups… etc  more…

Za-Ji, debut West End

Still named Za-Ji, the show went into London West End, the stage of the world performing arts, to test its strengths. Following the popular runs of Chinese martial arts extravaganzas Shaolin Monks, Wushu the Fist of the Dragon, Zhang Yimou’s Chinese ballet Red Lantern, and Beijing Opera, Za-Ji staged in Peacock Theatre, a sister theatre of Sadler’s Wells Theatre. With Za-Ji’s unique style and astonishing skills, the show delighted thousands of audience and kids in London and left the West End critics plenty to say about. Read the web page of Media Reviews. more…

 Beautiful Traditional Chinese Concert

Kary Somerfield has put her exquisite feeling after the concert into the wonderful words:”… The vivid quality of tone together with a  portrayal of every human emotion, the colours of the natural world and mimicry of birds and animals.  All are displayed through the skills of these five expert musicians. Their abilities, charm and faultless interpretation of the music shine throughout the performance – played for you on instruments most will only have seen featured before in the patterns of silks and porcelain!…” more …